Mist Fan - 26"

Mist Fan - 26"
Product Code: GAZ-MF1052
In Stock: 32
Price: Rs.22,000.00
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Our mist fan is perfect for outdoor cooling. It increases the humidity in the air and brings down the surrounding temperature between 4’C and 8’C. It is perfect for use in your garden, patio and even outdoor restaurants, cafes, parks, commercial plazas and similar outdoor areas. Mosquito repellent aromas can be mixed with the water for an anti-mosquito function. Perfumes and aromas can also be mixed with the mist water to make the surrounding fresh and fragrant.

It has a 26" fan blade diameter. It has a sturdy metal body and a durable plastic water tank that can hold up to 40 litres of water, which is enough for 9 hours of cooling.

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